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>> this morning will be the worst but much better midday. the afternoon will not be a problem, except for a little breezy. this morning we are watching heavy rain showers to our west and southwest. start with the weather computer and we have had loads of moisture rotating an the storm to the west. off shore is where we have the lightning and thunder. some coming through charlottesville on the west side of the metro. you can see this on live doppler 9000 hd where we have shown you the big picture here. a little rain in easton and calvert counties but the rain in to warrenton and amissville approaching 6 and faulkier county it is lifting to the north at 20 to 25 miles an hour. that's the heaviest we have now. we will have to watch it because a flood watch is in affect. up i 60s in the shenandoah
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valley. cambridge 73. we start warm and i think we finish warm. i think highs upper 70s north an west and 85 with enough sunshine this afternoon. by noon 80 degrees. maybe a leftover shower. breezy and partly sunny. 4:31. angie's back. >> all right. thank you, howard. hope you are off to a great start this morning. we will watch our speed because we have wet roads to contend with. no problems to report. drivers are moving at speed up to the mixing bowl. as you con to 395, lanes are nice and wide open to the 14th street bridge. we want to take you to the maps and show you route 4, route 5 and 301 crane highway. nice and quiet out this way. on the outer loop, construction free from 95 to 270 and finally wrap it up with inbound new york avenue. looks like we are looking at one smooth ride through
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northeast so far. andrea, back to you. >> when the new mayoral administration assumes control of the district in january it seems they will be walking in to a $175 million budget short fall. yesterday dc chief financial officer said that revenues for the upcoming fiscal year are off by $100 million. according to the "washington post," the short fall is mainly attributed to a drop in sales and income taxes. the remaining $75 million included in the deficit stems from $25 million worth of cost overruns by dc public schools and a $33 million shortage in medicaid funding due to cuts by congress. bug problems may mean more cuts -- budget problems may mean more cuts in the county. ike leggett is looking at across the board cuts of 10 to 15% to deal with a short fall
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-- 100 million to $200 million. gary has more on what that could mean. >> reporter: it is not just a lousy national economy hammering governments, last winters snow was a problem. >> we cut a lot of things last year we didn't want to cut and there will be more like that next year. >> reporter: libraries for example, 160 positions, shorer hours, angry patrons like robin just after 8:00. >> the library is closed and the other thing that annoys me with the library is now we have to pay to park. >> reporter: county executive is telling them to prepare for 10 to 15% cuts in the year ahead. he has no idea of the size of cuts to be taken by schools and county employees.
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>> we have to make sure they are treated fairly and part of the solution as we go forward and protect as many jobses as possible. >> you focus on people and the services you provide to them and if that means you pay employees a little less and perhaps they don't get a as much retirement benefit, so be it. >> everything is on the table at this point. >> that 10 to 15% reduction is the average needed across the board. if the county decides that schools an public safety should be hit less, something else will be hit more. we should find out how big the cuts will be by next spring. white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel may be leaving the white house for a chance to be the mayor of chicago. he could announce his decision as soon as friday. he has made it no secret he would like to run. the dominant factor in his decision is the imfact the move
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and campaign would have on his wife and three children who live with him here in washington. according to a new poll, the democrats may have a hard time staying in power. according to the gw battleground survey, more americans believe a republican- led congress will do a better job than president obama creating jobs. with five weeks to go, democrats are calling on michelle obama and former president clinton to try to improve their chances on election day. ironically the same poll found that most americans blame the republican party for the current economic mess. the obama administration special middle east peace envoy will hold meetings with israeli and palestinian officials. the. palestinian president, who had threatened to quit negotiations if building resumed said he will wait at least a week
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before making a final decision. this afternoon, the body of alaska senator ted stevens will be buried at arlington national cemetery. he was killed on august 9th when his plane crashed during a fishing trip to his home state. he served in world war ii and awarded the distinguished flying cross. he was the longest serving republican in senate history. it was so hot in los angeles yesterday that two new records were set. temperatures hit 183-degree -- 113 degrees. that's the highest in 100 years. los angeles also experience the highest demand for electricity. the high demand left thousands of customers without power. president obama signs a bill helping out small businesses. and flying an the country without bag fees just got easier
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easier. traveling a 0 westbound from the bay bridge toward the beltway. looks like lanes are way open. more traffic in realtime this tuesday coming up. it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. good morning, jess. wall street has take an breather from the recent rallies of the past four weeks. stocks pulling back yesterday. we will have to see if economic data is strong enough to restart the buying. asian stocks were mixed and checking wall street, the dow stands at 10812 after dropping 48 points yesterday. the nasdaq off by 11 1/2 and the s&p off by 6.5. if you own a small business, listen up you could be in line for a break from the federal government. president obama has signed a bill that helps to create a fund to help small businesses expand and hire new employees and offers eight tax breaks for
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small businesses. >> small businesses produce most of the new jobs in this country. >> reporter: republicans in congress called the new program an election year ploy. southwest customers may soon be able to get away to new destinations. the low fare airline is trying to buy airtran for $1.4 billion. if the deal is approved, southwest will fly to 37 new cities including lane. it means expanding service in boston and new york and moving in to reagan national airport. experts say it could be a win for consumers. >> that means, for the first time, you have a strong national low-cost carrier flying out of national, which may help reduce to the rate. >> reporter: southwest would take over airtran's slots at reagan national and offer 11 night flights in and out of deal. wusa is getting you a free
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cup of coffee tomorrow. in honor of national coffee day i will be live at this coffee shop at 801 pleasant drive in rookville, maryland. come in until noon at that location and get a free cup of coffee. swing by. say hi and get a free cup of coffee. >> she will go anywhere for that coffee. for more living smart headlines, log on to and click on the living mart tab on the front page. coming up the story of a woman dealing with a rare and mysterious disease. plus, thousands stand in line to be the first marylanders to play slots inside the free state. the forecast is good and from howard. a flood watch in affect until 00. and why thursday may be wetter. 9 news now will return after
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this. no
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. welcome back to 9 news now.
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thousands showed up to play the slot at the hollywood casino in perryville, maryland. they turned out despite the fact it was ' announced to be open 12 hours before. own ers expect to create 350 jobs an millions of dollars in tax revenue. 8:00 in the morning. >> hey, you want to play, you want to play. >> i guess so. >> get out of their way. the rain is coming. >> yeah, it is but we have showers here and i'm looking a the trend. even though we have a flood watch until 8:00 the concern is not that high. i'm more concerned with what happen on thursday when the next system with that tropical moisture connection comes in. we have soaked the ground a little bit. so less runoff on thursday. look at what has been happening since yesterday. flood watch in affect until 8:00 this morning. all the counties in the dark green and not terribly
4:45 am
concerned other than isolated spots mainly west. not a lot of rain overnight. fairly quiet and to the west. here's the big picture. we will show you the moisture rotating in. off shore we have the thunderstorms. another wave hit west virginia and western pennsylvania. in between we have a line of showers which is off to the west. we are looking at this on guideline right now and we have some showers along the way and to -- along the bay and to the south. west on 66 this is about to roll over gainesville and haymarket. more heavy rain before you get to front royal there. watch for that. especially heavy in faulkier county and this is lifting to the north. loudoun county will be hit hard in the next hour with heavy rainfall clipping western fairfax and lift in to eastern
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west virginia up to frederick. generally staying west or clipping western montgomery county. what can we expect for you at the bus stop? some showers out there. locally heavy rains but other areas are cloudy and wondering what's going on. it is not on you. 66 to 74. sun is up at 7:01. today we will see the better chance of showers this morning. could be something lingering through noon. at 5:00, partly sunny, breezy and 81. highs upper 70s to as high as 85, depending on how much sunshine we get. mid-80s down south. partly cloudy and cooler tonight. 55 to 62. there won't be any lightning tonight. increasing afternoon clouds. late shower is possible. i have to get myself a better producer. hi, my producer. 68 manassas. 68 in the shenandoah valley. low 70s in tappahannock and
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southern maryland. a warm air mass is in place. you can tell by the dew.s in the upper 60s and right now reagan national is reporting light rain with a southeasterly wind at six miles an hour. so, what we are watching, this upper level storm. you see it spinning here out of asheville, right up through charleston, the spine of the appalachians. ahead it is it is drawing moisture on top of us and that's why we had heavy rains yesterday afternoon and this morning to the south and west. nine future cast in motion. this will lift north. by the time we get through this afternoon, the front is pushing through, but with sunshine -- and we're already at 72 -- that's why i think we are going to the low 80s this afternoon. tomorrow we start with a little sun early but look at the clouds and showers in the eastern carolinas. they move northward during the day. here we are at 5:00. yes, light ones in the region and watch what happens on tomorrow night and thursday morning, all of the moisture surges northward through
4:48 am
virginia in to maryland. some of the rain on thursday with this system could be locally heavy once again. i expect flood watches to be posted for us then, as well. we have a flood watch until 8:00. here's the seven-day forecast, 83 today. 75 tomorrow with more clouds. maybe a peek of sun early, a late shower. thursday 78. friday clear and 72 and the weekend, look at those temperatures, twin sets, get them ready. >> with all of the rain on the way throughout the rush hour, not a bad idea to leave a few minutes earlier because we will expect more delays, heavier delays than what we usually see because of the rain. i want you to know south capitol street at the douglas bridge we are have ongoing construction. it will last the next 15 to 20 minutes or so and should be clearing after the 5:00 hour. 495 in virginia. everyone is okay. both loops between the wilson bridge past 95 up to 66
4:49 am
continuing to the american legion. on i-66 a little wet roadway out here. the eastbound trip no tieups to report on it. that's a good thing. 270 southbound, hello, maryland, smooth sailing to the split. and call it a wrap with 95 and the bw parkway. clear past 32, past 98 an on 95 and the baltimore washington parkway. andrea, over to you. nearly identical versions of the stand up act have been introduced in both houses of congress. the intent of the legislation is aimed at making teens safe drivers and reducing crash rates. >> jeannie was just 15 when she was killed in a car driven by her best friend eight years ago. >> a ditch or embankment on the side of the road, and causing the vehicle they were riding in to flip five times. >> reporter: her father jim
4:50 am
will head to captiol hill hoping to prevent other parents from suffering the same pain. he will join senator dodd in urging congress to pass new legislation. it would push states to adopt drive licensing laws for teens across the country. >> i hope that everyone can hear my story as well as others and to get the stand up act passed. >> reporter: motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of american teenagers. advocates say if the proposal becomes law, nearly 8,000 teen lives could be saved every year. >> reporter: under the standup act, drivers would have to be 16 to get a permit and 18 for a full license. teens would have to be supervise while driving at night until they are 18. cell phone use would be strictly prohibited while behind the wheel and teen drivers would be allowed only one friend the car under 21. jim portel is convinced if this law was in place eight years
4:51 am
ago his daughter would have been alive. >> i think there were so many kids in the car and the driver she was with with was distracted. there were cell phones all over the ground. >> it isn't just drivers and passengers. they say it could save thousands of pedestrians, as well. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. >> states that adopt the guidelines will be eligible for grants and those that don't cut face cuts in federal highway spending. looking at the living well headlines, imagine hearing your own bones crack and break. that's what happened what happens to a los angeles woman with a rare bone vanishing disease. anita brickman has her amazing story and the surgeon who gave her a fighting chance. >> reporter: she's painfully thin and moves with the stiffness of someone whose neck has been fused to her spine. it has. but lori is just grateful to be alive. >> there's moments that, god, i
4:52 am
can't imagine not having been here for it. >> reporter: the 31-year-old mom has an incurable and rare disease. >> it is known as vanishing bone disease. and does exactly what it says. my bones basically vanished in my neck and my skull. >> reporter: lori's symptoms started in her teens but even on her wedding day she still looked healthy. after the bit of her daughter sky, the bones of her neck so deteriorated they snapped. she could no longer hold her head up. >> i had a trach. i couldn't talk. >> reporter: lori would have continued to go downhill if it wasn't for a surgeon that rebuilt her neck and spine. >> her short-term future, i'm cautiously optimistic. >> when she came out of the first surgery they give her two years to live and now it has beening ayears.
4:53 am
>> long term it is hard to to say what's ahead for lori. usually it afcs the skull, neck, shoulder or pelvis. in some people doctors can stop the deterioration but the lost bone never comes back. some migraine headaches maybe caused by a faulty gene. they analyzed the dna of the sufferers and found it can trigger the headaches. it could lead to a drug that targets the gene and prevents migraines. for more living well headlines, log on to and click on the living well tab on the front page. president obama weighs in on the walt of education students -- quality of education students receive at dc public school. and the relic of the remains of a saint are now house here in washington. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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good morning. president obama says the worst performing schoolteachers are to go if they don't improve quickly. he also stirred a bit of controversy when he said his two daughters who attend the private sidwell friends school could not get the same quality education at a dc public school . parents of some students at lucky elementary don't agree with his assessmentment. sorry we are having problems with the sound. dc school's chancellor rhee weighed on the president's remarks. she told the "washington post" it is a fair assessment. we have seen good progress over the last few years and we still have a long way to go before we can say we are providing all
4:57 am
children with an excellent education. they have something to crow about at montgomery county cools. 857 students have been named national merit scholarship finalists. they represent 16 schools across the county. they will compete nationally for scholarships offered next spring. for more stories where you live go to find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. got a story or news tip, we want to hear from you. contact us and be part of the team at a relic of a catholic saint is taking up a new temporary home here in washington. derek mcginty tells us about st. john bosco. >> he's large and a bit imposing, but in life he was all about the least of us. he is st. john bosco, don bosco to those in the know and these days he's a wax figure and urn
4:58 am
arriving on the steps of the national shrine including bones and tissues from his body buried in italy. >> many people don't have the opportunity to go to italy. >> reporter: he was born in 1850 and made it his business to look out for the young people suffering on the dark side of the industrial revolution. >> young people were treated like trash and abused. >> reporter: this father is the local coordinator for the relic's stop in dc. the saint's been on a world wide tour since 2009 in celebration of his upcoming 200th birthday in 2015. >> to welcome the founder, which is my here roan and inspiration to young people which i have dedicated my life to. >> reporter: it rests inside of a glass urn surrounded by a cart made of wood an metal and weighs 1800-pounds. >> we had to rely on our architect an engineers to determine how to best get it in. >> reporter: they prepared a special scaffolding to bring
4:59 am
the heavy relic inside the basilica and a special mass to be held tomorrow with his message in mind to tell the young people of the world -- >> despite war, despite difficulty and a lot of addictions, that they are respected and loved. >> that was derek mcginty reporting. the public can view the relics 8:30 this morning at though national shrine. a special mass will be at 6:30 this evening. thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. angie will have the traffic in a moment. right now huard is here with a quick look at the forecast and if you don't like the weather, stick around. it will change. >> it already changed a little bit. the flash flood watch has been dropped south and west. show you the graphic quickly and get to the radar. from faulkier county north and east we have a flash flood watch no longer in it. as far as the showers are concerned, they are quickly moving to the north northeast

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